Nibs from Berlin a brilliant program deutsch

Manufacture of fountain-pen nibs made of rolled steel with an iridium nib-point crafted in the styles 
  •  brilliant polish 
  •  gold plated
  •  two-toned 
Delivery of all fountain-pen nibs with different nib-point widths 
Perfect glide high surface quality 
The excellent gliding behaviour and the high surface quality are guaranteed by the careful quality  controls carried out during the entire manufacturing process.  
New models 
The development of new models is effected by our specialised and innovative experts who closely cooperate with our clients on a basis of trust.  
Short transition periods 
It is the responsibility of the process engineers and toolmakers of the JoWo Berliner Schreibfeder GmbH to adapt the tools within the shortest possible time in order to maintain short transition periods and to ensure speedy manufacturing.  
Optimal terms of delivery 
The JoWo Berliner Schreibfeder GmbH offers optimal terms of delivery for its wide range of standard nibs and generally attractive prices.